vegan cakes :)

So i have been playing with a few recipes for vegan cakes, this weekend i did a baby shower for my sister who is 8 months pregnant and made 3 different types of cakes, vanilla butterfly cake, chocolate brownies and banana bread.

I have found the cupcake recipes in vegan cupcakes take over the world book to be by far the best i’ve ever tried! I have been practicing these most weekends until now to get it right (i’m not the best baker) and i’m pleased with how they came out. The recipe is really easy and tasty. 

here is the recipe i found online –

i did make one change which was add more flour instead of cornflour.

The next thing i made was the chocolate brownies from

It was by far the best brownie vegan or non vegan i’ve ever tasted! Thanks to my friend andrea for forwarding me the recipe 🙂

Then the banana bread was from

I added in walnuts to this recipe instead of sunflower seeds.

No one else at the party was vegan but everyone loved the cakes and they all got eaten (except a few joe finished off after ;))!

I didn’t manage to get a picture of the banana bread as that was the first to go but here is the other two

20130408_104648 (1)


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